1. Hella cute earrings. Look just like my cat.

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  3. Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind, or forgotten.

  4. Two-faced clown. Not bad for a first attempt.

  5. Not only does she steal my clothes and look better in them, she’s taller than me too!


  6. poisenedyouth:

    when someones telling u a story and u kno its bs

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    I have never seen a cuter couple or wedding picture in my life.

    Still this is so perfect i love it.

    This is my forever reblog of Tumblr. 

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  8. accidently:

    im running for student council

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    I’m gonna scream

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  10. My great great nan worked as an ammunitions worker, and my great great uncle and great great great grandad were hairdressers. This is 1891.